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nagekinoki's Journal

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I exist... I think?

My targets:
-to someday have something of value to offer an employer, or my own venture
-to actually *finish* one of my creative projects, much less have the energy to edit it
-to finally be able to pass a 12 or 13 in ITG
-to luck out and pass a 12 in IIDX, and when I'm really delusional, Nageki[a]
-an NSA rating of 1499 before the qualifying period for the 2008 NSC
-to not kill bamboo within one week of purchase (this HAS happened)
-to have a life

A proud, combined 0-23 v Seth Lipkin and Jesse Day. Pyrrhic victories abound? I guess my target is 0-42, so that I hit the magic Magratheazaphod-ean number or whatever it is...